Two Rolls-Royce brand 'teaser' films utilising my skills in Photo Retouching, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Sound Design:
WRAITH – This eerie video debuts my use of 3D models within a composition; taking advantage of the power and flexibility offered by Cinema 4D and Element 3D for the rotating Spirit Of Ecstasy. I used Optical Flares for the ‘glow reveal’ on the car, and generated the smoke particles using Trapcode Particular.
102EX – This video makes use of Trapcode Starglow to light the Spirit Of Ecstasy. I used Selective Color and an animated Glow effect for the ‘Electric Luxury’ logo to give the feel of natural, luxurious electrical energy.
All videos were created in Adobe After Effects at 16bpc colour; the audio was produced in Adobe Audition (Fairmont – Traum, Copyright Traum Schallplatten - 2001).
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