Dear OMHS Members
Subscriptions are due in September, we have not increased them from pre pandemic rate, and we hope this year to revive all our previous services and activities.  The annual fee is £14 for single membership or £26 for a couple. 
Chris Prince
OMHS - Chairperson
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Ongar Millennium History Society has a varied programme with a mixture of talks, discussions, exhibitions and visits.
Benefits include: Priority access to the 4 newsletters per year and instant access to the exclusive online video collection.
At our Annual Marion Slade Memorial Lecture we have been able to attract nationally recognised speakers such as Jon Stokes from the National Tree Council and Jim Boutwood from the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings along with local speakers discussing research on the history of our town.  More recently we have had lectures from polymath Professor Clive Bloom on the history of rioting in London, The Whitechapel Society on Jack the Ripper and Professor Dilwyn Porter on the first London Olympics.
Why not join us? The annual fee is currently £14 for a single membership or £26 for a couple.
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